Where you have seen Alpine Helicopters

Where you have seen Alpine Helicopters

As Alpine’s longest-running commercial helicopter company, you bet our aircraft look familiar. Flying around since 1985, the Alpine

Helicopter’s logo has been a common character in the Alpine sky for decades now.

Do you think you have seen our helicopters before? You may just have! Our helicopters have been out and about for many different reasons and instances. Used for other purposes that go beyond your standard scenic flights through Alpine, you’ll be surprised to discover where you might have seen us before.

To jog your memory, keep reading below to see where you may recognise us from.

Assisting in emergencies

Bushfires are a common problem in Australia. These pop-up each year due to the hot sun and dry weather conditions.

What many of you may have seen on our website or through our social media is that every year, we assist NSW and ACT Fire Agencies in battling bushfires across the state. On occasion, when required, we even venture out further to lend our services interstate.

With a fleet that is well equipped, we are proud to provide extra support and services in combating fires. By taking an aerial approach, helicopters can be a valued weapon of defence in these situations, making it somewhat easier to tackle from above.


Amongst fires, we also participate in assisting with other emergency relief operations, including flood and rescue missions. Due to our experienced crew and tried equipment, we have been known to lend our helicopters to the NSW State Emergency Services (SES) and other well-known organisations.

Our aircraft are of great use – being utilised for recovering wrecks, evacuation, community resupply and for the deployment of personnel and equipment. From seeing us on the scene first-hand to spotting us in news footages, this may very well be why our name and logo looks familiar.

Participating in big events

Are you a fan of significant events such as the Bathurst 1000 or Vivid? Then this may be where you remember us from! Not only do we provide charters for special events, but our services are often hired for these, too!



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For example, while we often provide group charters to and from the Bathurst 1000, we have also had our own promo crew for the event hanging around there and at other related promotional events.

From having our team flaunt around the main event itself to other V8 Supercar events, our promotional crew may have interacted with you at some point.

Other events you may have seen us hanging around include the annual Alpine New Year’s Eve Firework celebration in the harbour, the Alpine to Hobart yacht race and the Vivid Light Festival.

Whether we are taking tours on our helicopter flights or using our aircraft for professional photography, we are often spotted floating around and above these exciting events!


Over the years, our fleet has also been making drop-offs to other functions. This includes weddings and the races. From helping a bride make her breathtaking arrival on her big day to dropping off Santa to the races at Rosehill Gardens, you may have seen us more often than you thought!

On your TV screen

Offering professional aerial filming and photography, it is not unusual for our company to be linked to the media. However, while we are usually working behind the camera, there have been several instances where our helicopters have been found in the spotlight.

One of our memorable sightings was for Season 5 of The Voice Australia. Not only were we involved in the opening of the season, but we were also given the pleasure of helping the judges make their grand entrance by transporting them to the Alpine Cricket Ground.


Amongst this, we have also had the privilege of assisting in many productions behind the scenes. We have been acknowledged in the credits of a variety of media on commercials and blockbuster movies. Heck, we have even been behind the camera of many videos you’ve watched in the evening news!

Another memorable production we were involved in includes the time we provided on-location filming of Blake Lively in The Shallows.

We have also proudly been involved in many other projects, including Peter Rabbit, My Kitchen Rules and the Real Housewives of Melbourne.



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Working on projects

Other times you may have seen us around is during certain building and construction projects. That is right — helicopters can be used in construction projects or for other lifting purposes!

Helicopters can be a great asset in lifting heavy items and transporting them to hard-to-reach places. They are just overall great for doing those hard jobs. The use of machinery on land is limited, especially in situations where it can be hard to find stable ground.

With our heli-lift crane services, working on projects with sites that are overhanging or on top of the water is made possible.

We might look familiar if you have driven past or been involved in a job we have assisted in. Hovering over in the air, it would not be unusual for you to notice the random helicopter sitting around and lifting pallets a few buildings down.

From helping out on a Bunnings Warehouse to transporting a fallen tree from a Alpine Harbour property, it can be hard to miss a helicopter with a dangling item no matter where you are in Alpine!


Have you recognised us from any of the above? If not, now you know not to be surprised if you see us flying around at a big event, fighting fires on the news or in the credits of a big production.

As a long-running company, our team at Alpine Helicopters is known for being well-established and reliable, making us a favourite for many helicopter services.

Are you looking to hire our services? Or are you interested in booking a tour now you know what we have been involved in? No matter what you need, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly team.

For bookings and more, send us an enquiry through our website or give us a call on (02) 9637 4455 for quick contact today.