Where can you land a helicopter?

Where can you land a helicopter?

Helicopters – the perfect mode of transportation when you have to get in the air but need to land in tighter areas.

The best thing about transporting through helicopters is that you get a breathtaking view from the sky, while avoiding the restrictions of roads and getting there in a quicker amount of time. There’s also that added benefit where you can land and reach spots an aeroplane could not.

Its flexibility deems helicopter transfers for major events that much more appealing than a car ride.

However, while you can land it in a lot more areas than you could a plane, there are certain restrictions when landing a helicopter.

As professional pilots with years of experience in helicopter flights in and out of Sydney, we know where you can and cannot land. If you are planning a helicopter excursion or transfer, it’s best to know if your destination is a safe helicopter landing site.

Keep reading below to see if a landing at your destination is possible.

What makes land unsafe for a helicopter landing

While helicopters are known to be able to practically land in most environments, there is some restriction that can prevent you from landing just anywhere.

Firstly, not having permission is one of the most significant issues. To land a helicopter, whether it be private or public land, we need to approval from the rightful landowners.

Permission should be sorted out in advance as some landowners may require or want insurance coverage for their property.

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Secondly, the area and environment can have an impact on whether the destination is safe to land. When establishing a landing area, there must be a large enough area for the helicopter that has a suitable radius clear from obstructions.

One of the major safety issues is that a temporary helipad needs a clear distance away from buildings.

So generally, a large area of grass or paddock that is 500 metres away from a building makes a suitable landing spot. This distance rule is put in place to maintain the safety of buildings and individuals.

Time restrictions should also be considered to minimise any noise issues in the local area. Contact us to discuss your arrival and returning times so we can see if your request is possible.

Landing helicopters on public land

Landing in public areas such as parklands or council grounds can be done, as long as we have the permission of the rightful council. This is because the council must be aware for safety reasons and other uses.

It is also critical to secure council approval to ensure that the land is not booked for other events or purposes.

To obtain council permission, contact your council and potentially submit an application. Requirements can vary depending on the council.

As an alternative, we can also land at nearby existing helipads (on approval). For any questions on whether we can land in a public area for you, give us a call on (02) 9637 4455.

Landing a helicopter on private properties


When it comes to private properties, landing a helicopter can be an easy process. With similar requirements, including the right size, clear space and landowner permission, we can land our helicopters.

Whether you want to be picked up from home or are taking a trip to a privately-owned vineyard, as long as the landing area fits the requirements, you should be fine to go.

With many scenic flights and tours available in Sydney, we have pre-approved landing areas for many of our tour destinations, making your trip to these venues much more streamlined.

For any questions on where you can land, feel free to contact our team through our website or by calling on (02) 9637 4455.

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