What sort of weather will we fly in?

What sort of weather will we fly in?

In Australia, helicopter flights are governed by some of the most stringent safety regulations, with helicopters having to be built to be as safe as possible and pilots having to go through a lot of learning and many hours of training before they can be deemed capable of flying a helicopter. However, despite all of these measures to ensure safety, there are just some factors that prevent flight from taking place, with the weather being one of the most prevalent factors.

What is good flying weather?

In order to properly enjoy a helicopter ride in Sydney, the weather needs to be suitable for flight. This means that the weather needs to be either completely clear or at least have a very small number of clouds. Clear skies allow for complete visibility, which will positively affect the safety of your flight considerably. An absence of clouds often correlates to an absence of winds, which can greatly affect the flight pattern of the helicopter.

What constitutes poor flying weather?

Poor flying weather for both planes and helicopters relates to any type of weather that can impede the safety of the flight. This can include strong winds and rains, which can cause the aircraft to move at random, and heavy cloud cover or fog, which can greatly impede the pilot’s visibility and their ability to navigate. The presence of lightning also makes flying in a helicopter dangerous, as lightning can interfere with the helicopter and being in the air can greatly increase the possibility of being struck by lightning.

Our ideal flying weather

At Sydney Helicopters, we strive to bring you the best scenic flights in Sydney. Even though our helicopters are regularly inspected, and our pilots are amongst some of Australia’s most experienced helicopter pilots, we aim to fly in weather that is ideal for both your safety and your enjoyment. When you fly with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll experience the safest and the most enjoyable helicopter flight possible.

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