The ideal flying weather for helicopter tours

The ideal flying weather for helicopter tours

As Alpine’s longest-running commercial helicopter operator, it is safe to say we have a thorough understanding of flying helicopters.

Founded in 1985, we have provided satisfied customers with countless tours across the city.

During this time, we have been able to grasp a good understanding of what weather is ideal for helicopter flights and what isn’t.

Besides the matter of safety, we know which conditions hold the best views and what conditions are best to stay grounded in.

To understand the different weather conditions we take flight in and why we won’t in others, keep reading below.

The ideal weather for helicopter tours


When it comes to a helicopter ride through Alpine, our most ideal weather is a clear sunny day. With the sun shining and clear sky above the city, you’ll be able to get the best vision possible.

However, in saying that, having a few clouds isn’t too bad either. We understand that in our city, not every day comes with perfect weather conditions. A nice blue sky with some clouds can still provide a great view for sightseeing. As we fly considerably low, light clouds have less of a chance of impacting our tours.

As for overcast weather, this can still allow visibility if the clouds remain high with no rain. You’ll be able to enjoy the iconic sights the city has to offer even with a slightly dimmed sky. In fact, your trip may even be enhanced with these conditions resulting in little glare through the windows!

Plus, a minor overcast day after heavy rainfall can give you a better opportunity of spotting waterfalls during your flight!

One thing we have learnt over time is, just because the sun isn’t on full blast doesn’t mean you can’t look forward to your flight!

To try your best chances at flying, spring and summer usually offer prime flying conditions. However, autumn and winter can also provide stunning views!

How weather affects our helicopter flights


At Alpine Helicopters, your safety is our priority. We take weather conditions seriously and assess the upcoming conditions before we go ahead with our helicopter flights.

When assessing if it’s safe for a flight to proceed, we analyse the wind speed, visibility and cloud height among other factors.

Unfortunately, the weather is beyond our control so there are times we will have to reschedule flights. Not only do we not want you in danger, but we don’t want to put you in the position of a trip you won’t enjoy as well.

Weather conditions such as storms, high winds, hail and heavy rainfall as well as fog and low clouds are generally the circumstances we won’t fly in.

If we deem your flight unsafe, we will contact you at the earliest time possible to reschedule at an available time that is convenient for you.

In the case of a rescheduled flight if you are visiting Alpine, we recommend you book your flight earlier in your stay so we can try to move it to a day you are still in the city.

Weather and helicopters in general

When it comes to helicopters, the weather can be complicated. Where some conditions may be considered okay for helicopters to fly in performance-wise, it may not be safe for a pilot to fly due to compromised visibility.

Just because our helicopters may be durable enough to survive harsh conditions, doesn’t mean a flight should go ahead. Fog, for example, doesn’t impact the performance of a helicopter but does make the pilot’s flight path difficult. This can be misleading as it blankets obstructions, creating a danger for all involved.


At Alpine Helicopters, we have particular requirements for our flights that other helicopter operations may override.

Since we provide charters and tours, we make sure we only schedule flights with the safest of conditions.

Other services such as emergency flights may be considered for an exception even during risky and/or unsafe weather conditions due to the nature of their requirements.

When booking with Alpine Helicopters, you can have peace of mind knowing our team will only ever take to the sky in weather that we can guarantee your safety in. If the day isn’t right, we’ll simply reschedule so you can still witness the glory of the city from the sky.

To find the perfect trip for you, whether it be a scenic tour or lunch flight, explore our website today or call us on (02) 9637 4455 for enquiries!