Reasons why you should use a helicopter on your big day

Reasons why you should use a helicopter on your big day

Organising your big day? When it comes to weddings, Alpine Helicopters understands how important this special occasion is. From getting there on time to making an impressive entrance and departure, we’ve got you covered.

Have you considered using a helicopter for your wedding? Here are our top reasons why you should fly into your venue.

Avoid traffic

On your big day, one of the biggest things that can go wrong is not making it on time! Whether you’re the bride or the groom, you would hate to make all your guests wait. From road works to traffic, there are many obstacles that can stop you from getting to your venue on schedule.

Luckily, with Alpine Helicopters, we have the perfect solution to ensure you get to your wedding on time. By taking a private helicopter through Sydney, you won’t have to consider the traffic as our trained pilots will guarantee you get to your destination with plenty of time to spare. When you travel with us, you will be feeling like a VIP, stress-free and without any issues.


Travelling by helicopter will not only allow you to avoid traffic, it will also cut your travel time! This means you won’t be in as much of a rush and can take longer getting ready. And of course—you’ll be arriving in style more than ever!

Stand out

Are you after an element that will differentiate yours from usual weddings? Incorporating helicopters is a fantastic way to have your event stand out from the rest! Not only will this impressive entrance wow your guests, but it won’t ever compare to how your friends entered their wedding!

This will have guests talking about your wedding for years! Everyone won’t forget the moment they heard the whirl of the helicopter landing or that they even had the experience of being near an actual helicopter!

Secondly, this can be a great surprise! You won’t just shock those at your wedding, but you can surprise your partner as well! Whether you are keeping it as a last-minute surprise for your groom or wanting to spoil your bride-to-be, a helicopter is the perfect way to add some glamour and luxury to your wedding!

Don’t forget, helicopter rides are a once in a lifetime experience. So, you won’t only have the perfect way to enter your wedding, but you’ll also be experiencing your own unique tour at the same time! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Memorable photos

One of the biggest reasons to hire a helicopter on your big day are the photos! Not only will your guests take amazing shots of you arriving, but you’ll get to take photos in our flashy, picture-worthy helicopters as well! You’ll also get to have photos getting out of and in front of our luxurious pristine white helicopters, making this an extravagant memory you’ll never forget.


Furthermore, flying into your big day will allow you to capture photos that set apart yours from the usual scenery shots—you get a bird’s eye angle! You’ll get to take photos of your gorgeous location with all your guests included and forever marvel over your big day.

Not to mention, on the way to your venue, you’ll have breath-taking photo opportunities. With a helicopter ride in Sydney, you know for sure you’ll encounter spectacular views that will only add joy to your special event.

Why not feel like royalty on your big day and get a flashy entrance? The photos will live on forever, always reminding you of the day you were flying around like a celebrity in your own helicopter.

Helicopter-friendly venue recommendations

Want to know some of the stunning wedding venues that are helicopter-friendly? We’ve gone ahead and conducted some research to let you know which places we can service to on your special day!

Below are some venues in Sydney that allow us to be a part of your wedding:

  • Bells at Killcare
  • Spicers Sangoma
  • Loxley on the Bellbird Hill
  • Twin Creeks Country Club
  • The Springs
  • Sebel Resort and Spa
  • Ravensthorpe
  • Wombat Hollow

Want something a little more rustic? Why not have your wedding at a vineyard! With gorgeous serene scenery and authentic wines available, a vineyard is an ideal wedding venue. Whether you were after one in the seclusive Hunter Valley or the quaint Southern Highlands, most vineyards are helicopter-friendly and allow access!


Maybe you already have a specific venue in mind? No worries—contact us at Alpine Helicopters and we can work with you to determine whether your dream location is suitable or not. This also includes organising landing approvals to make sure we can help you celebrate your big day to the fullest.


At Alpine Helicopters, you won’t only have a private VIP helicopter at your service, but you will also have a fleet backing it up! This means if your bridal party can’t fit in your 9-seater flight, we can use multiple identical helicopters from our large fleet to cater to your whole group! This guarantees you can still hold a traditional wedding party arrival whilst in the luxury of modern transportation.


Not sure how you will get to the reception? We won’t only take you to your ceremony, we can also fly you to your reception! This ensures you have stress-free transportation your whole night! To make you feel like a true royalty, we can provide you with further transportation and whisk you away to start your honeymoon as well!

It is safe to say that choosing a helicopter on your big day is certainly worthwhile! Alpine Helicopters loves to contribute to making your wedding a special day you’ll never want to forget. From flying you to your ceremony  to helping you start your honeymoon, we love doing whatever we can to make it go that extra mile.

Are you intrigued? Ready to make your wedding as unique and glamorous as you are? What are you waiting for? Give us a call on (02) 9637 4455 to start planning your arrival!