Photography: From the sky

Photography: From the sky

Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to be in the air yourself to take aerial shots? Technically, you can just have a camera hoisted above to take one. However, to successfully take aerial shots that captivate and give justice to your subject, you’ll want to capture it from the sky!

At Alpine Helicopters, we understand the beauty of photography. That’s why we offer our services to help clients get the justice their footage deserves.

Want to understand why aerial photography should be done from the sky? Keep reading below!

How we get your shots

To take your breathtaking photos, there are a few devices that we rely on during the flight. Firstly, one of the main reasons we produce such high-quality photos is because of the three-bladed rotor systems in our aircraft. These systems provide us with a highly stable platform to shoot from, delivering you the ultimate clear shots you desire.


For those wanting to film at night, our entire fleet is NVFR equipped. This means we can conduct aerial filming in the  night-time! And it doesn’t just end there! We are proud to say that our chief pilot is one of the most experienced night VFR film pilots in all of Sydney—so you know you are getting the best service around.

To ensure you get the ultimate photographs, we offer scenic flights across Sydney that deliver picturesque landscapes filled with photo opportunities. From Sydney Harbour to the valleys hidden in the Blue Mountains, the possibilities are endless.

Advantages of aerial shots

There are many advantages of aerial shots. From being able to get your whole subject in the image to having a superior bird’s eye view that is not only hard to come by, but also impressive, aerial shots are certainly the footage you’ll want in your portfolio.

Ultimately, aerial shots are a great way to share a certain point of view. By showing footage from above, you can change the audience’s perspective and share a much more impressive angle. This is not only a persuasive tool but also an impressive way to portray real estate and other properties. It is also handy to use for recording development overtime.


Aerial shots are also commonly used to convey where something is located as well as its surrounding area. By taking a shot from above, you can produce a map style image to show the audience the proximity and layout of your location. This is extremely useful for land surveying and road planning.

There can also be an advantage when viewing events from the sky. For example, producing film for the City of Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks and Sydney’s Vivid Light Festival for the previous years have allowed us to witness sights unlike any other. Only from up above through helicopter flights will you be able to see the whole city lit up in one view or the entire night sky dazzled in colours for miles to see.

What it is used for

There are many uses for aerial footage! From photos to videos, the purpose of footage can range from media to real estate. A few common ways clients use aerial footage for include:

  • Real estate portfolios
  • Tourism
  • Advertising and corporate reasons
  • Media production
  • Product launches

Alpine Helicopters loves to fly, so if we can assist our clients get the most out of their passion or job, we are all for helping! Over the years we have assisted clients with collating both photo and video footage for numerous events. A few notable clients and projects we have serviced and helped produce content for include:

  • The Shallows
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Samsung
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • The Voice Australia
  • My Kitchen Rules
  • Vivid Sydney
  • City of Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks

City of Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? From real estate to photography portfolios and more, our helicopters flights across Sydney are the perfect opportunity to take your shot. Give our friendly team a call on (02) 9637 4455 to organise your footage today!

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