Important COVID-19 update

Important COVID-19 update

At the moment, we are all going through unprecedented times with the COVID-19 situation happening worldwide. With all the restrictions enforced to stop the spread of the virus, our team here at Alpine Helicopters have introduced and maintained specific restrictions to ensure we are following the guidelines brought in by the Government.

With the health and safety of our customers and team in the forefront of ours minds, we would like to reassure you we are doing what we can to provide only the strictest of operations during this time. To find out how we are adapting to this situation, keep reading below.

Adjusting services

To match our priorities, we have temporarily ceased short tourism sightseeing flights as a precaution. Instead, we are currently focusing on offering our helicopters as private transport to regional NSW.

With strict lockdown laws and heavier police control, it can be harder to reach regional locations in NSW. This is where we have come in to help. To ensure individuals, including essential workers, can reach their homes or workplaces, we are offering our services as a private alternative. This way, we can commit to being a transport aid and help the community where it is needed.

Due to the nature of helicopter flights involving small numbers, we can deliver this service due to the minimal interaction needed. Furthermore, a helicopter flight is quicker than other modes of transport such as a car, making it a much shorter duration.

If you need a quicker and more accessible way of reaching regional NSW, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Cleaning procedures

At Alpine Helicopters, we consider strict cleaning extremely important as a standard practice. During this time, we are continuing to enforce these procedures. This includes keeping our aircraft and facilities to the highest standard of cleanliness with our regular and efficient processes.

As a part of our strict hygiene protocols, please know we are wearing PPE and sanitising equipment and surfaces in between customers and staff, delivering a safe environment for all concerned.

Further precautions

As we continue to monitor the situation, we are committed to following the laws and advice provided by the Government and health officials. With each update, we will change our procedures as required, reflecting any change of operation on our website.

It is also important to note that we can ensure that the services we do provide during this time are suited as the nature of helicopter flights involve small groups as it is. Furthermore, there is minimal need for interaction with people, making it a safe form of transportation.

With these times being uncertain, if you do book with us and contract COVID-19, can cancel your helicopter service. Should you find yourself in this situation, we will refund your booking 100%.

We hope that this clarifies any enquiries you may have during these times. For further information, please contact us on (02) 9637 4455. Also, if you do find yourself needing a private transfer to regional NSW, please contact us for a quote today.

From our team at Alpine Helicopters, we wish you the best of health. We cannot wait to pull through and get back in the air with you all on the other end. Until then, stay safe.

Yours sincerely, Alpine Helicopters.