How helicopters can make your holiday the best one

How helicopters can make your holiday the best one

The Christmas/New Year period is here and that means the holidays have just about arrived! After a year like 2020, you must treat yourself to a break that is full of fun and magic.

Whether you are holidaying in Sydney (now that the borders are open) or hosting family from interstate, a helicopter tour through the city can make your vacation unlike any other.

Soaring through the sky and taking in the iconic city is one of the best ways to explore Sydney. If you are going to do anything while in here, this should be the first thing on your list!

Not convinced? See how helicopters can make your holiday one you won’t forget.

Helicopter tours allow you to discover the city in a way unlike any other

The best thing about taking a helicopter tour on your holiday is that you’ll be able to witness the city as you’ve never seen before. Getting a bird’s eye view you will see Sydney from a whole new perspective.

With several scenic flights covering different parts of Sydney, you can go beyond the expected CBD and take in the rugged Blue Mountains or some of our many golden shorelines.

If you are in Sydney for a short time, we recommend taking a tour as one of your first activities early on in your trip. 

The aerial perspective will also allow you to spot out locations and sus out the city before you hit it by foot. This is a great opportunity and a unique way to list other locations you want to explore next.

A helicopter flight provides you with a sense of adventure

A helicopter flight provides you with a sense of adventure

Unlike a walking tour, a helicopter flight gives you an experience to see high above – making it perfect for those who are up for an adventure. 

The thrill of jumping in a small aircraft and speeding through the sky is an exhilarating feeling you can’t replicate. While you won’t be jumping out of the aircraft (from high above anyway), the buzz of being up in the air is enough to spark the interest of all.

And don’t forget the heights you go! By zipping across the sky, you’ll be able to see far and wide, idling higher than any building in the city. What a rush!

Plus, if you really want to treat yourself, you can go for one of our pub or lunch tours, travelling by helicopter to reach enchanting destinations. 

Helicopter flights PLUS food and drinks? Now that is a holiday adventure you don’t want to miss out on!

A tour in a helicopter gives you a private insight while travelling in style

One of the best parts of a helicopter ride through Sydney is that it provides an exclusive tour just for you, the passengers.

In a luxuriously intimate setting, you can feel like a VIP, flying in your private helicopter with your very own pilot. Whether you have purchased a single tour or a longer day trip, you will feel like a celebrity during the entire time you are in our aircraft!

By having your own pilot, you will get to hear the pilot up and close. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about what you see, giving you a better insight into the locations you explore. 

Our pilots are professionally trained, knowing the city and their job like the back of their hand. As you pass by locations, you’ll be able to hear interesting information about the city, making it one of the best ways to get to know Sydney.

Ready to take your holiday to the next level with Alpine Helicopters? With many helicopter flights on offer, we can take you on a tour or for a day out! 

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