Getting there: Plane vs Helicopters

Getting there: Plane vs Helicopters

When it comes to sky travel, there are two primary options — helicopters or aeroplanes. While both have their benefits, it can be hard to decide which one is the best option for your travel.

Are you trying to determine which flight choice would be best for your next travels? We’ll help make the decision easier for you by breaking it down below. Read on to see which option would be best.

The speed

One of the most significant differences between planes and helicopter is the speed. Unsurprisingly, aeroplanes are a faster alternative to helicopters. 

This is because planes offer a better aerodynamic structure than helicopters, thanks to their powerful engines.

Although helicopters are still considerably fast and versatile, planes are designed to sail through the sky at higher speeds. This is what makes planes the ideal option for long-distance travel.

While helicopters aren’t as fast, they still get short-term travel done in a considerably quick manner. This flight option is more flexible and can turn in any direction, making challenging air flights easier to manoeuvre. 

Plus, take off via helicopter is a speedier process, cutting down on the overall duration. Aspects like this can make helicopter travel quicker despite the speed limitation, making aeroplane travel redundant for short distance situations.

Ultimately, your destination is the decider on which transport is best for you. 

While a plane can be quicker, helicopters are most ideal for shorter travel purposes, like fast transfers or tours such as our scenic flights and services through Sydney.

The landing spots

The landing spots

When it comes to landing, helicopters are increasingly more flexible than an aeroplane. While both can land at an airport, planes are much more limited when it comes to finding a landing spot elsewhere.

Both modes of transport have a list of requirements for securing a landing spot; however, planes certainly take the cake for more requirements. For example, helicopters can land anywhere with stable ground and council approval, only needing at least 500 metres between them and a building or obstruction. 

Meanwhile, aeroplanes need council approval plus a much larger landing area for metres of runway strip. This doesn’t just make it hard to find a suitable area for the plane to land but can also make it difficult for the plane to take off. 

On top of this, planes require longer runways for landing. They are restricted to more terrain environments and require more assets when docking, such as windsocks and markers. This makes helicopters much more appealing.

In short, if you have limited space, a helicopter is your best alternative for landing.

The experience

Plane or helicopter — flying through the sky is always an experience many look forward to. However, both offer their own unique experiences to passengers.

For those looking for a laid-back luxury trip with plenty of space to get up and walk, planes are a great form of travel. Planes provide passengers with a relaxing long-term travel, complete with toilets and food services. 

However, for a short-term trip with the best viewing experience, aeroplanes do not compare to what helicopters have to offer!

The experience

The ultimate choice for short-term travel, helicopters allow a more adventurous trip. 

While planes offer a more spacious flying experience, only helicopter flights can deliver a more private, intimate ride perfect for when you want to get up close to a site. 

With larger windows, helicopters are not as limited when it comes to offering a once-in-a-lifetime viewing of sceneries. You can get up closer and take a better inspection of your subject, whether it be a location or landmark. 

Plus, it is more private due to it being a smaller aircraft, making it a truly memorable time for all involved.

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