Best places to visit in Sydney from the sky

Best places to visit in Sydney from the sky

With its gorgeous beaches and iconic harbour, Sydney provides plenty of breath-taking attractions that tourists and its own residents can visit. Here at Sydney Helicopters, we love to provide scenic flights in Sydney and give our customers a view and experience they have yet to see before. For your next adventure, here are our top places to visit in Sydney but with a twist- from the sky.

Sydney Harbour

Known for its iconic landmarks, the Sydney Harbour is world renowned. With its stunning blue water and picturesque city views, Sydney is gorgeous from land or sea. But have you tried from the sky? It is even better! Looking at the city from above brings a whole new perspective. Around the corner from the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge sits the lush Botanical Gardens. The beautiful park is a gem in the middle of the hustle and bustle, surrounded by concrete buildings and the water of the harbour. All three landmarks contribute to a spectacular experience, allowing you to see Sydney in a way you never have before.

Sydney Beaches

Go beyond the headlands and experience Sydney in a whole new light- and a whole new angle. Not only will you see the iconic harbour and its landmarks, but you’ll get to explore Sydney’s famous beaches! Manly, Freshwater and Curl Curl beaches are some of the glorious vistas you can visit from the sky. With exclusive panning shots of the South Pacific Ocean that can only be seen by aircraft, be sure to keep an eye on the ocean as you might be treated with friendly visits from sea animals such as dolphins or the rare turtle. With the stunning sparkling beaches and visits from the marine life, what more could you want?

Blue Mountains

If you’re wanting to go more inland, look no further than the Blue Mountains. Flying over the valleys that nestle within the gorgeous Blue Mountains, you’ll be gifted the true beauty of nature. The Blue Mountains showcase the iconic Three Sisters, where you’ll be up closer and more intimate than ever before. Enjoy flying past thousands of acres of beautiful bush, over Wentworth Falls and through Katoomba. An exclusive on our Blue Mountains and Beyond tour package, you’ll get the above, starting in Sydney Harbour and landing into quaint Little Hartley where you’ll be served a decadent lunch whilst surrounded by the best the Australian bush has to offer.

The astonishing views these places offer wins them the title of the top places to visit by sky. Here at Sydney Helicopters, we want to give others the opportunity to see Sydney from the extent we do; up high. With our packages, you have the opportunity to explore these locations in scenic, overnight and half-day lunch tours. What are you waiting for? Tick a helicopter ride through Sydney off your bucket-list and give us a call on 9637 4455 to see what else we offer and discuss which tour would be the best one for you.